SERFILCO’s Jack Berg elected into the Electroplating Hall of Fame


Jack Berg

Jack Berg, founder and retired CEO-President of Service Filtration Corporation (SERFILCO, Ltd.), has been elected into the Electroplating Hall of Fame. In addition to the many contributions mentioned in the Product Finishing announcement, the following contributions by Jack Berg have significantly improved electroplating efficiency and productivity over the last fifty years;

  • Eductor solution agitation of electroplating applications to reduce airborne emissions, reduce heat loss, reduce brightener consumption, improve throw and deposit thickness and permit higher current density to allow faster plating rates.
  • Organic purification of electroplating solutions, using bypass granular activated carbon. Granular activated carbon installed on the filter discharge permits the efficient use of carbon as a purifier. Thus reducing or totally eliminating the need to batch powder carbon treat the solution.
  • The use of step-down filtration systems to improve process quality and productivity. Step-down filtration systems significantly reduce filtration servicing and filter media consumption, while improving particle contamination removal.

What’s in Your Filter System?

Over the past 50 years, SERFILCO® is a global supplier of liquid handling equipment for chemical, surface finishing and other wet process applications and has been a Pump and Filtration Industry Leader Worldwide for more than five half a century.

We develop and manufacture state-of the-art filtration, liquid handling and waste treatment equipment to help achieve the product integrity, quality and cost savings to be competitive in the market place. But what goes into our filter systems that make them so great? Here, our SERFILCO® teams breaks down the key components of our most popular filters:

  1. Filter chamber gives surface area and dirt holding capacity.
  2. Media gives μm rating.
  3. Pump provides turnover and pressure.

Combined, these three powerful components make up every filter system that we manufacturer to ensure the best results for our customers. For more information about any of the systems we offer, contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable professionals today!

Which Filtration System is Right For You?

facebook-mastheadHere at Serfilco, we know that the number of filtration systems and options on the market can sometimes be confusing. Here, we break down some of our most popular items and what options they have so you can make the best decision for your unique needs and budget. Here are eight of our favorites:

  1. Lab-Master

This is a single stack cartridge system with mag-drive pump. Its available lengths include 21 ½”, 31 ½”, 41 ½”, and 51 ½”.

  1. SpaceSaver

This is a 3 stack cartridge or single 4” bag system with mag-drive pump. Its available lengths include 20” (Cartridge), 30” (Cartridge and bag) and 40” (Cartridge and bag). The flow rates range from 600-3000 gph.

  1. Super Spacesaver

‘J’ Type is available as a 6 stack cartridge system and ‘G’ Type is available as a 12 stack/ 10.16 disk filter / 5 x 4” bags with Mag-Drive or Mech-Seal options. Its available lengths include: 20” / 31 plates, 30” / 45 plates / bag, 40” / 99 plates / bag, 50”. The flow rates for this system range from 3,000-8,500gph.

  1. Guardian

This is a G chamber (12 cartridge / 10.16in plate/ 5 x 4” bag) system with Mag-Drive or Mechanical seal pumps and pallet mounted so it is lower to the ground. It’s typically fitted with a slurry tank or carbon chamber. It is multi-function possible and has flow rates from 3,000gph to 8,500gph.

  1. Admiral

This system is available in 1 round, 3 round or 6 round options available as cartridge only and vertical pumps only. It can be used in tank or out of tank with 6,000gph to 7,000gph.

  1. Titan

The Titan Filtration system has automatic operation, permanent media and flows to 300gpm on chemical plating applications and 500gpm on waste water applications. Applications for specific media include quartz sand for acid and water, and anthracite for alkaline applications. Typically used on large volume acid plating (zinc, nickel and copper) and alkaline plating applications (zinc). It has a very low cost running, plus a very clean solution at 5 micron—a main feature benefit.

For more information on these, or any of Serfilco’s other great filtration products, call one of our friendly, knowledgeable experts today!

Serfilco Has a Green Thumb

The idea of corporate gardens is growing rather steadily each year with businesses large and small building gardening plots just outside their office windows.  The goal: get employees thinking about nutritious eating habits.  Gardening not only produces organic, healthy snack alternatives, but it also provides stress-relieving activity during the sometimes long workday.

Four years ago, Serfilco embarked on a project with Organic Gardener’s to help employees start thinking about their nutritional habits.  Outside the Northbrook headquarters sits an 800-square foot plot of vegetables cared for by the Serfilco employees and their families.

With a goal of nutrition in mind, employees are able to take part in the gardening as well as bring home the free organic vegetables grown in the garden.  President James J. Berg regularly sends out company-wide emails about which vegetables are ready to be picked.

Gardening is perceived to have the same stress-relieving benefits of exercise – to many they can now soak up the sun and enjoy the outdoors while taking a break from the sedentary office lifestyle.  Sneaking away from the desk to pull some weeds, trim the growth or pick the ripe vegetables is a community experience at Serfilco.

Improving the quality of life for their employees is one of the many goals of Serfilco.  Our Northbrook based filtration systems company provides the highest quality filtration pumps, filtration media and chambers.

Why is Surface Area so Important in Filtration Systems?

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing filtration systems: materials, flow rate, purification and many other factors all help determine how effectively your work is carried out. But how can surface area save your business time and money, while improving the health and safety of your workers? Serfilco has been the industry leader in pump and filtration systems for over 50 years, and our job is to make sure that your business’ filtration tasks are being handled as efficiently as possible. The benefits of using filters with a high surface area include:

  • More dirt holding capacity
  • Gives a higher flow rate for a longer period of time
  • Gives a cleaner solution and a better quality finished product
  • More available surface area will save your business time changing filters
  • Less downtime, less maintenance, and less cost
  • With less chemical manual handling required, your workers will be healthier and safer

Serfilco carries the high surface area filter media your business needs to function at its absolute best. We work with many different materials, including engineering grade thermo plastics, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, and PP. For metallic systems, Serfilco utilizes rubber-lined or unlined carbon steel, SS304, and SS316.

Don’t delay any longer, and call today to speak with one of Serfilco’s knowledgeable experts! We will work tirelessly to find the best solution for your business.

Not All Pumps are Created Equal

Serfilco has been the worldwide pump and industry leader for more than 50 years. It’s all we do and we love it.

Lately we’ve received some questions about the difference in pump designs, because, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to tell. Below you’ll find some information on four of our most popular pumps. Read on to learn about what makes them so unique:

Vertical Seal-less Pump

The Serfilco Vertical Seal-less pump can run dry indefinitely – and with no close-touching parts between the impeller and the casing, it’s ideal for aggressive metal finishing processes such as e-nickel, aerospace, chemi-etch tanks, ardrox cleaners. It’s fit-and-forget installation makes it an extremely convenient choice.

Magnetic Coupled Pump

Ideal for metal finishing processes such as electrolytic nickel, zinc and chrome, the seal-less design of the Magnetic Coupled Pump is a fairly economic option. It’s easy-to-install. It’s compact. It’s pretty great.

Single Seal Pump

This is a fairly low-cost option, which is typically used in low concentration chemical, water and effluent applications. It comes with simple maintenance instructions and there are also self-priming options available!

Double Seal Pump 

If you’re finishing metals such as nickel, zinc or chrome, the Double Seal Pumps from Serfilco are ideal for the majority of this type of work. They are resistant to run-dry, abrasives and cavitation, which minimizes the risk of seal failures. A Double Seal Pump also aids in the elimination of troublesome downtime, service work, solution loss and/or possible loss of hazardous materials. They’re easy to install at the side of process tanks and they can even be fitted with an independent water flush to maintain clean seal faces.

Call Serfilco today – we’ll answer any pump-related question under the sun!

Choosing the Best Filter for Your Business

The filter selection process can sometimes be complex and is always filled with much decision making.  Where do I begin?  What is most important? – There are three main items to consider when looking to purchase new filtration systems.

1)      Sizing the Chamber. How many cartridges do you need your chamber to hold? What size cartridges will your chamber need to be able to accommodate?  These are important questions to ask before you begin the shopping process.

2)      Selecting the Pump Type.  With a variety of pumps to choose from, it’s good to have an idea of which type of pump your process requires.  At Serfilco we provide a large selection of drum-barrel-tote, horizontal, vertical, magnetic coupled and self-priming filter pumps.

3)      Choosing Filter Media Type.  Different media types are preferential for different types of filtration.  The three filtration media types are: filter cartridges, filter papers or filter bags.  Choose the filtration system that allows you to use the right filtration media.

As a leading manufacturer of high-performance, environmentally friendly filtration systems, Serfilco can offer you all of the products you are searching for.  Give us a call today to learn more about our superior filtration systems.

How Solutions Treatment Can Save Your Business Time and Money

If you run a business that uses liquid handling systems for daily tasks, then you’re well aware of how much time (and ultimately money) cleaning and treating your equipment can take up. Despite these setbacks, proper treatment of machinery in the liquid handling industry is needed for your equipment to run correctly. Serfilco, your top provider of liquid handling equipment, pumps and filtration systems wants you to know all about quality solutions treatment. Three steps to follow for effective solutions treatment and the highest quality maintenance of your business equipment are:

  • Filtration

Filtration is the essential first step in proper liquid handling. Filtration removes particulates while preventing roughness and reject. It helps the chemistry of your equipment work more efficiently, which means more money saved for your business in the long run.

  • Purification

Purification helps to remove organic impurities that negatively impact your equipment’s surface quality. This will lead to safer, smoother performance after each treatment.

  • Agitation

Agitation is the final step that gives your systems a fresh, homogenous chemistry. This will save your business money on heating after each treatment is complete.

For more information on quality solutions treatment, filtration pumps and how you can save your business time and money, give Serfilco a call today. Our knowledgeable professionals will be there to assist you as you make the best choices for your business.

Serfilco Has the Filter Cartridges Your Systems Need for Cleaner, More Efficient Performance

At Serfilco, our professionals understand that your liquid filtration needs are unique, and that your top concerns are reducing waste and increasing the efficiency of your work. Serfilco is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, environmentally friendly liquid handling equipment that reduces waste, hazard, and costs. All of our equipment meets ISO 9001 standards and is designed to minimize energy use, airborne emissions, and exposure to harmful chemicals.

When it comes to filters, you have the option of choosing between one of three media types: filter cartridges, filter papers, or filter bags. There are benefits and downsides to each type of media, but at Serfilco we strongly recommend cartridges for your filtration systems. Some reasons why we believe filter cartridges benefit our customers most are:

  • Higher Surface Area

Simply put: a higher surface area means an increased capacity to hold dirt. Cartridges hold up to 4 times the surface area of a disc chamber and 24 times the area of a bag chamber.

  • Less Maintenance, Downtime

With a better capacity for holding dirt, cartridges need to be changed less frequently, resulting in less maintenance, downtime and expense for your business.

  • Better Safety Profile

Less manual handling of chemicals is required, so your business will be healthier and safer overall.

Don’t delay, and contact Serfilco today for more information on the quality cartridges and filtration pumps your business deserves. Call now, and one of our specialists will assist you in getting the equipment you need for a safer, more productive workplace.

Serfilco: Your Top Solution for Filtration and Liquid Handling Products

SERFILCO logoSerfilco is a leading manufacturer of filtration, liquid handling, and waste treatment equipment, pump accessories and more. Serfilco began as a small business in 1961 and has grown to become a worldwide leader in the filtration and liquid handling industries. Our top priority is to help businesses meet their needs and all required governmental regulations for safety and waste reduction in liquid handling and filtration.

Serfilco carries a variety of innovative products. Some of our state-of-the-art pumps include magnetically coupled pumps, vertical pumps, single and double mechanical seal pumps, all-plastic filtration systems and more. Our filtration pumps are versatile, economical and environmentally friendly. Some of the advantages of using Serfilco products are:

  • Cost-Effective

Serfilco pumps reduce water costs, waste, maintenance and filtration costs to better meet your business’s budget.

  • Safe

Our filtration systems will help your business handle chemicals more safely in order to meet stringent government standards.

  • Eco-Friendly

Not only do Serfilco pumps reduce energy use and waste, they also improve carbon filtration and reduce airborne emissions.

Meet your business objectives, all government standards, and help protect the environment with Serfilco pumps! Browse our inventory of pumps, filter chambers, filtration systems and media and give us a call today to learn more about the superior filtration and liquid handling solutions your business deserves.